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General News Details

Court Date Set for Manafort

Court Date Set for Manafort            12/11 06:22

   WASHINGTON (AP) -- A judge has set a court date for this week for former 
Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort after prosecutors with the special 
counsel's office detailed lies they say he told them.

   The scheduling conference will take place Tuesday afternoon before U.S. 
District Judge Amy Berman Jackson. It had earlier been set for Wednesday 
morning. Manafort is not expected to attend.

   In a court filing Friday night, special counsel Robert Mueller said Manafort 
had lied about contacts with Trump administration officials and with an 
associate who U.S. authorities say has ties to Russian intelligence.

   Manafort's attorneys have denied that he made false statements.

   Manafort pleaded guilty to conspiracy in September and agreed to cooperate 
with Mueller's investigation. But prosecutors say his deception has torpedoed 
that plea deal.


Market Commentary

Good evening, Jan beans finished down 7 cents, March corn down 1.5, and March wheat down 6 cents. US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer went on cable news over the weekend making clear that March 1st was a “hard deadline” for the US – China trade talks. Concerns over the timeline and the ability to get something done before then were weighing on markets today. Market direction is going to follow the outcomes of these talks. The arrest of Meng Wanzhou (CFO of Huawei) is still weighing on the talks. China is protesting the arrest to the US ambassador in China saying it will take an unspecified “further action”. Anything threatening a trade resolution is weighing on ag market. The news regarding the Wanzhou bail hearing are likely going to add to the weakness we saw today. Market is still chasing headlines.
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